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Authors share social media content – short video, Podcast, a slide deck, news media coverage, or even a short write up of how the authors came up with the idea or story behind the paper –that directly relate to their articles published in MISQ.

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A Configural Approach to Coordinating Expertise in Software Development Teams            

- Srinivas Kudaravalli, Samer Faraj, and Steven L. Johnson  

Show Me the Way to Go Home: An Empirical Investigation of Ride-Sharing and Alcohol Related Motor Vehicle Fatalities             

- Brad N. Greenwood and Sunil Wattal 

Embracing Digital Innovation in Incumbent Firms: How Volvo Cars Managed Competing Concerns                                       

- Fredrik Svahn, Lars Mathiassen, and Rikard Lindgren

Leveraging Customer Involvement for Fueling Innovation: The Role of Relational and Analytical Information Processing Capabilities                                                

-Terence J. V. Saldanha, Sunil Mithas, and M. S. Krishnan




Competitive Benchmarking: An IS Research Approach to Address Wicked Problems with Big Data and Analytics                                   

- Wolfgang Ketter, Markus Peters, John Collins, and Alok Gupta


TV’s Dirty Little Secret: The Negative Effects of Popular TV on Online Auction Sales                                                                        

 - Oliver Hinz, Shawndra Hill, Ju-Young Kim 

Exploring Bidder Heterogeneity in Multichannel Sequential B2B Auctions

- Yixin Lu, Alok Gupta, Wolfgang Ketter, and Eric van Heck

Control Configuration and Control Enactment in Information Systems Projects: Review and Expanded Theoretical Framework   

- Martin Wiener, Magnus Mähring, Ulrich Remus, and Carol Saunders


Information and Communication Technology and the Social Inclusion of Refugees                                                                                                        

 - Antonio Diaz Andrade and Bill Doolin

Does Information and Communication Technology Lead to the Well-Being of Nations? A Country-Level Empirical Investigation 

-Kartik Ganju, Paul Pavlou, and Rajiv Banker

The Evolution of an ICT Platform-Enabled Ecosystem for Poverty Alleviation: The Case of eKutir                                               

- Srivardhini Jha, Alain Pinsonneault, and Laurette Dube

A Multiagent Competitive Gaming Platform to Address Societal Challenges

- Wolfgang Ketter, Markus Peters, John Collins, and Alok Gupta

Multiplex Appropriation in Complex Systems Implementation: The Case of Brazil’s Correspondent Banking System                                   

 - Paul Leonardi, Diane Bailey, Eduardo Diniz, Dan Sholler, and Bonnie Nardi

The Emergence of Self-Organizing E-Commerce Ecosystems in Remote Villages of China: A Tale of Digital Empowerment for Rural Development

- Carmen Leong, Shan Pan, Sue Newell, and Lili Cui